Some Useful prompts to use when you are reading with your child at home are:

In The Early Stages
Read it with your finger-
Did you have enough (or too many) words?
Did it match?
What does it start with?
Look at the picture.

Later on
Can you make your reading sound like talking?
Can you make your reading sound smooth?
Something wasn't quite right there.
Run your finger under the word and say it slowly

If A Child Struggles To Read A Word:
Get your mouth ready to say the first sound.
If the word was....... what letter would you expect to see at the beginning?
Can you sound it out?
Can you break it up?
Tell them the word! Then maybe you could think of a way to remember it next time.

When A Child Mis-reads A Word:
You read.........Does that look right?
You read........Does that sound right?
You read........Does that make sense?

Remember to use plenty of praise. Reading should be a good experience.......but don't use so much praise that you interrupt the fluency of the reading! Most of all, enjoy the time with your child- you are giving them a great gift!! has lots of advice about reading with your child and also some free e-books that you can read with your child online! Miss Knight has organised the e-books from Oxford Owl into book bands here.