Lolly sticks

  • Use to choose children to answer questions (give thinking time or use partner talk first so that they all have an answer ready, then choose children to share answers).
  • You can have coloured dot on one end and turn over stick when they have answered so that all children get chosen (but maybe occasionally pick stick that is already turned over so that they don't switch off once their stick has been chosen!)
  • Coloured dots can also be used to highlight SEN or G&T children so you can subtly target some questions! (My dots show if they are in my class or maths group).
  • You can also download 'The Hat' software to pick names from a virtual hat

Post-it notes

  • Use to write short responses or vocabulary to add to working wall.
  • Or in maths, each child could write a number and group could pool numbers to order or sort.
  • In the example below, I provided sentence frames to scaffold book talk responses to Street Child. I scribed some children's answers during class discussion, and asked others to write down the answer they had just given.
Post_it_1.jpg Post_it_2.jpg

Target boards / Dartboards



Follow me / loop cards


Number / letter fans

Number_fan.jpg Letter_fan.jpgAnswer fans

  • Print double-sided on coloured card and cut each one into quarters. Punch hole and add treasury tag.
  • Smiley faces can be used to show self-assessment (e.g. smily face/green card = I understand).
  • Letters can be used to answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Can also be used to answer true/false questions (e.g. Hold up the green card if you think this number is a multiple of 5 or the red card if you think it is not).

Websites - Various printable resources, including worksheets (e.g. reading time, calculation), fans (number, letter, etc.), domino games and loop cards (onset and rime, coins), customisable grids (1-100, multiplication), shape nets, certificate creator and display resources (e.g. create your own flash cards)

Videos 10:07 Using books to start off maths Roamer, 07:01 Floor game, 11:14 Large coins (Can print coins from or photos from

Curricular target - time

Other resources Harry Potter coins and ideas for using them in the classroom Lots of ideas, including maths trails, numicon Useful for printable maths paper (e.g. dotted, co-ordinates, triangular/isometric). Also sudoku puzzles, dominoes Maths story books for KS1